A brief history

Department of Ophthalmology was established in 1946, with the Department of Ophthalmology clinical grounds Republican Clinical Hospital.
The first chief of department was Professor, Doctor I. Kurlov, who upraised and educated more valuable ophthalmologists. During the period 1959-1965 chairman was lecturer Dr. A.Dobromîslov, who inspired the first eye care protection in Children office and organized the evidence of strabic children in Moldova. For over a decade (1965-1978) the department was led by Associate Chair, Dr. L. Mikriucov, which was concerned with great perseverance to fight trachoma in Moldova. During 1978-1986 the department head was a distinguished ophthalmic care servant in Moldova, innovator, honored and tenacious scientist – Associate Dr. D. LUPAN. He was succeeded as a Professor byDoctor Zinaida Titarenco, specialist in the treatment of corneal diseases that led the chair from 1986 to 1997. In the same year and by 2000 the department was led by Dr. Vladimir Boişteanu associate specialist in the treatment of eye pathology annexes, author of the first local textbook of ophthalmology. In the period that followed to the present Head of the Ophthalmology Department is Professor Eugen Bendelic PhD.
During its existence the Department has enabled a remarkable variety of medical scientists, eye surgeons that worked hard to uplift the eye care status and medical assistance in Moldova. We can count among these names, scientists such as: T., P. Litvac, P. Goncear, L.Fastoveţ, I. Bobu, Z.Papşev etc.
Currently, the Ophthalmology Department consists of 11 members. Studies are carried out in 4 languages: Romanian, Russian, French and English. The presentations are modern, based on a rich iconography, taken from both local and abroad literature. Students during their practical hours are involved with emphasisin casework, are trained to examine patients, discussing etiopathogenic, clinical and therapeutic issues.
In the post-graduate education, the Department provides specialty training of residents and continuing education of ophthalmologists in the entire country. This latter is carried out in the course of ophthalmology, currently conducted by professor, PhD in medicine V. Cuşnir, its forerunner was PhD in medicine LUPAN D, associate professor, Dr. V. Boişteanu in medicine, associateprofessor Dr. L. Fastoveţ in medicine. Continuous training informsspecialists with modern methods of diagnosis and drug treatment and eye microsurgery.
The department activity, including clinical work, takes place in public medical places such as: state and local level: Republican Clinical Hospital, Municipal Hospital “Sfinta Treime”, Children’s Hospital “E. Cotaga “, the National Scientific and Practical Centre of Emergency Medicine, etc. The chair provides diagnostic and therapeutic needs and the academic advisory clinic offering specialized healthcare innovation in ocular diseases.